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Stormy Shore Studios is a social enterprise that preserves culture and history in engaging forms of digital media. We combine entertainment and education into one package that encourages cultural engagement around the world.

Based in Paradise, Newfoundland, we have a strong connection to our province, and a desire to highlight its rich history and fascinating stories. We believe there is plenty of untapped potential on our "stormy shores".

Being gamers, we know what makes a game fun. We contend that creating a compelling narrative with historical authenticity does not have to lessen the entertainment value. After all, what's the point of playing a game if you are not entertained?



Release: 2022

The First World War created a lasting mark on Newfoundland. It left a path of destruction in its wake, which reverberated throughout the island. Some say it served as both a metaphorical birth and death of Newfoundland.


Regiment is an episodic, narrative-driven third-person shooter, that takes place entirely inside WWI era propaganda posters. Narrated by Gordon Pinsent, it tells an unflinching and raw story, that deals with loss, pain and the persistence of memory.



Release: 2022

Between 1954-1975, the government of Newfoundland & Labrador resettled over 300 rural communities, and over 30,000 people away from their homes. For many, the process was arduous, dangerous, and heartbreaking.

Relocation is an open-world, first-person atmospheric horror game with light puzzle solving elements, inspired by Dear Esther and Silent Hill (PT). It’s about what it means to lose your home and the peace you find in letting go.




It’s cliché to think of something as being a lifetime in the making, but, well, it fits. Evan has combined his passions, while somehow making his degrees relevant, by founding Stormy Shore Studios.

A former high school social studies teacher, an academic researcher, an MBA graduate, and an avid gamer, Evan has seen the effects of cultural loss on his home province of Newfoundland, as well as in the community where he taught in the Northwest Territories. He hopes to promote and extend cultural knowledge by creating unique, educational, and entertaining narratives that will engage players from around the world.




Jordan picked up a controller when he was five years old and still hasn't put it down. Starting his gaming career in 2015, Jordan has worked in Support Ops, QA, UX, and Production. In 2017, Jordan founded Orange Slip Studios Inc. and created original IP, while also working white-label for other studios.

During his career, Jordan has had the opportunity to travel the world and see how video games can be a powerful and uniting force, reaching across borders and languages. He is excited to bring his experience and passion for storytelling to Stormy Shore Studios, where he can help share tales that need to be told.





Potential Duties: Level design, game design documents, implementation, quest pathing, trigger placement, "finding the fun"


Qualifications: Education in post-secondary game design programs. Extensive experience with Unreal Engine 4 and git GUI clients (ex. GitHub).

Preference is given to applicants with prior professional industry experience.

Commitment: Contract to completion of relevant work for Regiment and/or Relocation.


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